Aug 14

WPBOARD vs Template Monster

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While i was browsing today i found this written on one of Template Monster pages.

Template Monster & WordPress
We strive to make the blogoshpere look good and various! There are lots of great blogs around the Web but most of them have default designs which are not bad actually. The only bad is that most of the blogs look similar nowadays. We at Template Monster want blogs differ not only by their content but by the design as well. Lots of bloggers use WordPress and the number is constantly increasing. Though there are lots of free themes for WordPress available on the Web there is still no manufacturer that produces designs for WordPress on regular basis.
Template Monster is the first!

After i think:
I start on March 2006 and after one month i hear that Template Monster start release their themes on regular basis. So what this site writes it is NOT true :) as not only produce WordPress themes on regular basis, wpboard starts produce them BEFORE Template Monster actually. Maybe he haves better themes, but his prices is way off of what bloggers can pay.

I dont know why but i am happy right now :) (did I’m crazy?) and I want to say it once again that I AM FIRST! :P

Gravatar Icon dandyna on August 14th, 2006

Yes I remember you started before! I am a test! :)

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